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Why Sunburst is better!

   Over the years Sunburst has evolved into building the best deck possible for usually less money than other deck builders. Sunburst is not concerned about cutting corners to make the most money possible on each customer, but rather to give each customer the best possible deck that will be built better, stronger and give them years of enjoyment.    If you look at the pictures above you will see the first thing that we do different. Building codes will allow you to cantilever the deck floor joists over the last beam up to 25% of the joist length. That means that on a 16’ deep deck you can hang over 4’. That means that on a 16’ X 16’ deck you could build it with just 3 footers, 3 support posts, one beam and hang the deck over 4’. The joists would span 12’ which is the maximum span allowed.     For the same size deck, Sunburst would use 6 footers, 6 support posts, two beams, a maximum joist span on 7.5’ and by using longer 4X4 support posts they can extend up through the deck and support the handrails also. Handrails that can not come lose. The crazy thing is that Sunburst doesn’t charge more for a better deck.

Dog Pens

Custom dog pen areas.

Galvanized Fence

Custom galvanized chain link fence.

Vinyl Fence Fabric

Vinyl chain link fabric.
Why we are better