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Sunburst has done it all. Wolmanized, treated wood, composites, vinyl, and plastic. We started building treated wood ‘Wolmanized” decks when the word “Wolmanized “was invented. Many people believe that composites eliminate the need for maintenance, which is NOT true. Both wood and non wood (composites, vinyls & plastics) all have their pros and cons. Before you decide it’s best to speak with Lloyd. Pool decks are completely different than the typical deck. It’s best to make sure a pool deck is designed and built by an experienced pool deck builder who has built hundreds, such as Sunburst decks.

Frame only 

Save as much as 50% by letting  Sunburst design and do just the  posts, footers and frame!

On Grade Decks

On grade decks require no footers  or rails and can save you 25%! 

Above Grade Decks

If your grade in not level you will  need footers, beams and joists.  Over 30” high and you will need  rails with spindles spaced 4”. 

Pool Decks

Pool decks need to be built by an  experienced pool deck builder. Do  it wrong and if the pool liner goes  bad then you may have to take the  deck down. Pool location and deck  location is best to be decided at  the same time. Let Sunburst guide  you before you decide!


Composites, vinyl, and plastic all  require maintenance. They all have  pros and cons. They are usually  almost double the cost of treated  wood and if you have a lot of rails  and stairs can more than double the  cost.

Deck Options

Even a small decks can look great by adding a few options such as benches, planters, and lights!
From a simple on grade deck with no footers or rails!
To a cliff hanger!