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About Us

Over 40 years experience

  Lloyd began doing construction  in 1969 by entering Local 55  Plumbers Union. In 1975 Lloyd  started his own business called  the “Handyman At Large”. He did  handyman and violation repairs in  Shaker & Cleveland Heights. When  treated wood was invented and  decks became popular, Sunburst  Decks & Construction was  created.   Lloyd builds his decks, not to  minimum standards, but to what  he has learned with over 40 years  experience to give you more deck  for usually less money than his  competition. Ask Lloyd to show  you the difference.
  Since Lloyd does all the work  himself with reliable helpers, his  prices are usually 20% to 35% less.  Why?     When a company uses “Sub  Contractors”, they must look at  each job, then find or get a price  “sight unseen” from a sub, then  “mark up” the price usually 35%.  Then there’s the issue of getting  the sub to stand behind the work  and be willing to go back even if  the sub is no longer working for  the General Contractor. Why would  they? You didn’t hire them. Good luck. 

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